Friday, March 25, 2005


That guy looking over my shoulder is Fat Bob Johnson The Greatest Surfer who never lived or did he?
Just a reminder we all should have fun...
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Sunday, March 13, 2005


Yeast roll envy

It had to happen. A date and I were sitting in a casual dining restaurant the other day. The waiter was great. My date seemed pleased with our choice of locale and her choice of dining companions. We talked about everything and we talked about nothing. We laughed and chatted. Still something wasn't just right. The food came, we gave thanks and went to town . It was a good time for all. Then, I went and did it. I reached over and grabbed one of the big fat yeast rolls dolloped with the honey butter topping. "These are good!" I exclaimed, offering up the basket of sin to her. "I am doing Atkins" she said quietly, but firmly. "What?" I asked pretending not to understand. "I am doing the Atkins Diet, I can't have Carbs"Suddenly, I felt like the worst form of tempter who ever tooted a temptation. It was strange dichotomy because. . . . . Wanna know something else? I felt empowered. I pretended not to enjoy the hot starch melting in my mouth apologizing for my obvious faux pas. But inwardly, I knew she had already undressed the extra butter packages and with out so much as a second thought mentally devoured the bread and cried for more. I could sense the strong feelings she had but tried so hard to conceal. Finally, she came clean. "I'm sorry", she said to her chagrin, "but these things are my weakness, please understand. ""And, you might as well know" I come here in disguise at least three nights a week and order a dozen to go. On the other nights, its Krispy Kreme!I have been living a double life!" She sobbed into the baked dough like she was confessing a discovered lover. "And to tell you the truth, I am glad! glad! I am glad you know it . . . "I couldnt make out the rest of the conversation. She was still eating the rolls and calling for more butter long after I had paid the check and went out the door. Sometimes, you never know, do you?